Monday, 20 July 2015

Haul: Paperchase

There are two kinds of people in this world... the ones who like stationery, and the ones who have a deep obsessive love of stationery and spend too much money on it. I am one of the latter types of people. I think you may be able to sense that. 
The majority of this was in the sale, and anything that wasn't I got student discount on. Really, it would've been a crime not to buy it for those kinda deals. Maybe. I didn't buy all of this at once, it's kinda built up to a guilty stationery tower in the corner of my room over a few months. So, I thought I may as well start making a use out of it, and share it with you! And photographing it means I've preserved it's clean and fresh goodness forever, so I have no excuses not for using it anymore.
First up, I bought an organiser. (£16) A friend of mine actually has this exact one so, Abi, if you're reading this, I'm sorry. But it was too pretty to resist. I'm justifying this with the idea that I can be a lot more organised with my life, especially when going back to uni in September (but part of me did buy it for the pretty cover). I think I might find/make some printables to spice it up a bit as well, so look out for that in the future!
I did buy some extra pages to add to it but I haven't gotten round to adding them and putting my organiser together yet. (£2.25) These were the prettiest ones there, and I just couldn't resist the bunting. It both excites me, and makes me nervous in case I spell something wrong or tear a page slightly. Anyone else have that new book anxiety? Just me? Okay.
I bought this scrapbook so I could document my sewing projects and crafty things I did over summer. (£14) So far it's... Still empty. That's the new book anxiety again. But I had to buy it guys, look how beautiful it is.
Any of you who are really into scrapbooks... just enjoy the beauty. It also came with stickers. *swoon*
This was probably my craziest moment. I have no idea what I'll do with this many stickers, but I do know I have no regrets about buying 7 packs. (50p - £1 each)
Actually, I take that back. This may have been my craziest moment. Glitter glue. (75p) What on earth am I going to use this for? I think I just got excited by the sale and the sparkles got me.
Cats are my weakness. Notebooks are another of my weaknesses. It was also the last one in the shop. I had to. The only downside of this is that it's lined, and I tend to prefer plain pages but... I can make it work. For the cats. (£8) (I got matching stickers for this too. Matching stickers. Some of you will just never understand the excitement.)
This one stands out a bit really, but it is a gift for a spicy food loving friend. I probably wouldn't use it myself, it seems to clash a little with the flowery cat vibe I seem to be going with. One thing I can't believe is that this was originally £7. Who's going out spending £7 on a jalapeno pen? Unless you REALLY love jalapenos? But surely £7 worth of jalapenos would be a better purchase... I don't understand Paperchase sometimes. (£3.50)
And last but not least... Yeah, it's another scrapbook. I told you guys, I have a problem. BUT I am actually using this one. Well, I've started, and I should be sharing a few pictures with you soon. I mainly got this one because it's the same style as another book I had my eye on in the spring sale but missed out on. And because it's beautiful and flowery too, obviously. (£8.75)
Mmmm, that pattern. One thing I have noticed about this book is that it smells very strongly. Not a bad smell, but it's a good strong wiff of papery scrapbook whenever you move it. Oh, the woes of a stationery lover. 

Anyway, that's it! I hope you liked seeing what I bought (I know I love a good nosey at other peoples shopping). I think I'll probably be avoiding Paperchase and stationery for a while, to let my bank balance heal a little bit. 

(The prices I included are what I paid, not including any student discounts.)

Thanks for reading!
Amber xox