Monday, 13 July 2015

Outfit: Green Fairytale

Summer has finally reached us here in the UK, and oh boy, is it warm. Of course, being ginger and pale, I don't get to enjoy it quite as much as others unless I've been slathered in SPF50 prior to stepping outside. But it has it's perks - flowers popping up everywhere being my favourite, and not having to wear tights is a close second. So while I remain unemployed and an irritation to my parents, my time is filled with painting flowers, evening walks and pestering my friends for bike rides. 

However, during this weather I endure the yearly struggle where I realise everything I own is either black, or I can't bare to wear it without tights. But this year, I'm determined to let my pale and wobbly pins be free. I think my legs have earned a little bit of sunshine in all those winter months that they don't see the light of day. 

This rather green themed outfit is an ode to all the, well, green that is EVERYWHERE outside. While it only comes for a few months a year, everything looks a whole lot happier and healthier than those dark winter days. Of course, I spiced up the green a little with a handmade toadstool headband - a nice combination of the greens I'm loving and a hint of fairy-ish-ness. Along with the frilly socks, I feel ready to step into the green fairytale world in these pictures. 

And while I love seeing everything green, warm evenings, early sunrises and thunderstorms, there'll always be a part of me longing for twinkly frosts, thick tights and layering up in jumpers. But as I know, come winter I'll be longing for the smell of sun cream and a bit of warmth. So today I'm going to focus on the pretty green vibes from these photos, take a big gulp of warm and summery air and enjoy not wearing multiple layers while it lasts.

Dress is from Topshop, shoes are from New Look, belt is from H&M, socks are from Primark and the toadstool headband is available in my etsy shop here. It looks a bit like I'm wearing white tights, but my legs are just that pale.

Thanks for reading!
Amber, xox