Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Outfit: Sunset Glow

For me, one of my favourite times in summer is at the end of a long, hot day. When it's still warm but not toasty, the sky turns a beautiful mix of orange, yellow and pink, and everywhere lights up with a gorgeous golden glow. It's evenings like this when I long to be outside, so I usually spend my time walking, absorbing every last drop of a happy summer's day. Of course, I normally do this wearing trainers and not suede brogues, but I decided to live a little. The colours I'm wearing feel a little autumnul, but the oranges and browns seem to perfectly compliment a warm, glowy sunset. 

I originally bought the cardigan (known as the 'jazzy' cardigan) from a Sue Ryder vintage shop, but returned it because I wasn't sure I could pull off the jazziness. But then one day while browsing a vintage shop on the hill in Lincoln, I came across the jazzy cardigan and decided it was clearly a sign, and that the universe was telling me to buy it. Since then, my jazzy levels have been regularly boosted.  The dress is also vintage, but was stolen from my Mum. Being the free spirit she was in the sixties and seventies, she's shortened it a bit, but fortunately it's still a wearable length (unlike some of the others she shortened, dammit Mum).

I really liked taking these photos, even though the cows wouldn't let me stroke them.

Dress is from my Mums wardrobe, cardigan is from Ego in Lincoln, headband is from H&M, shoes are from New Look, bag and sunglasses are from Primark.

Thanks for reading!
Amber, xox