Saturday, 1 August 2015

Baking: Slutty Brownies

There are many things I love when it comes to baked goods, and brownies and cookies are just a small few. However, when something is combined with Oreos then the rule is pretty much that I have to bake it immediately. And eat the majority of them. Immediately.

The recipe I used is this one from Kerry Cooks, except I cheated slightly by using a brownie mix rather than making them myself. I also decided to use actual Oreos rather than the Cadbury Oreo topping Kerry suggests as I have an ungodly amount of packs hanging around the house. You can see below, I created a middle layer of broken Oreos and then added the brownie mix on top. I love adding Oreos into baking like this as they somehow manage to become even tastier.

While baking these I discovered my hatred for making brownies - how are you meant to know when they're done?! Ours went crackly on top fairly quickly, but then there were areas half an hour later that we still weren't entirely sure were cooked. Utter madness.
 Regardless of the pains of cooking them, they turned out pretty darn tasty. My only regret is not adding more Oreos. I think next time I'd make a smaller batch and completely cover one layer in Oreos - no breaking them up, just a layer of delicious baked Oreo goodness. I would've added the Cadbury Oreo on top too, but I could feel the judgement from my Mother so I decided against it.
Anyways, I'm off to go and eat more brownie cookie Oreo heavenliness. If you have any tips for baking brownies please let me know (especially how to tell when they're done!).

Thanks for reading!
Amber, xox