Thursday, 6 August 2015

DIY: Instagram Polaroids

Hey guys! Today I thought I'd share this super easy DIY with you - print off your instagram pictures like polaroids! So rather than spending your hard earned dollar waiting for them to come in the post, you can do ityourself at a fraction of the price. To me, there's something so satisfying about printing out photos and displaying them - it's just not done often enough anymore!

For this you will need screenshots of your instagram photos (or just square photos if instagram isn't your cup of tea), photo editing equipment (I used photoshop), a photo printer and photo paper.

I began by opening a new Photoshop file, the same size as my photo paper (in my case, 4x6 inches). I cropped my photos out of my instagram screenshots in Photoshop, and copied them across to my new document. I then resized and layed them out as below, trying to make sure they were fairly even in layout. I went for an even number because I wanted fairly small photos, and this meant I could fit two on each piece of paper - economical ey. Of course, you could print them off individually at whatever size you want, it's all up to you!
I then printed them off through photoshop - make sure to set your printer to the right size paper! I think not going with the borderless setting is probably better as mine tended to lose the borders a little bit which wasn't great - but maybe I just have a dodgy printer.
After printing, I cut mine into individual photos and dispayed them on some cute bakers twine with little bird clips! You could display them anywhere though - as a wall mural, in planners or journals, or stick them to card and use them as gift tags! The possibilities are endless.
And that's it! Just a simple way of sharing your photos that you don't normally get to see anywhere but a phone or laptop screen. 

Blue bird pegs available from my etsy shop here.

Let me know how you share your photos and thanks for reading!
Amber, xox