Monday, 24 August 2015

Exploring London

This week Joe and I visited London (I say visit, I mean I made him come with me), to check out all the galleries and art and general Londonness. Of course, by chance it was one of the hottest summer days we've had in about a month, so from about 11am we were boiling and everywhere was packed. Yay.

We started the day by visiting the Whitechapel Gallery, except because it was 10am we couldn't actually visit it because it didn't open until 11am. Planning fail. So instead we headed to the Saatchi Gallery, and then on to the Tate Britain and the Tate Modern.

After seeing a whole lotta modern art, we headed for quick visit to Forbidden Planet (mainly to keep Joe happy), before fighting our way through Covent Garden, only to realise Covent Garden tube station is shut until winter. Planning fail part 2. Seeing as it was now too late to visit the Whitechapel Gallery, we headed to back to St Paul's Cathedral to lie about on the grass in the late afternoon heat. This was probably my favourite part of the day, partly because my feet were dead, but mainly because we got to take a break from the whirlwind of culture and just enjoy a warm day, sounds of the city and pretty nature and architecture. (And we saw a squirrel, it was great.)

Having only visited London in the winter before it was great seeing it full of colour and busy with people, and I'm now desperate to go back. There's something I love about how big and bustling everywhere is - quite the contrast from the small countryside village that I'm used to!
So here are a few non-arty pictures from our day. I'm planning on writing separate posts for each gallery we visited, so look out for those! 

I love London - there's so many hidden things to explore. Tell me, what's your favourite city and why?

Thanks for reading! 
Amber, xox