Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Outfit: Everything's Coming Up Roses

I have a new love - a love of maxi dresses. I've avoided them up until now because I always thought I'd look too long or like I was wearing a big sack. But it turns out, maxi dresses are actual magic. So far the benefits I've discovered are: minimal leg preparation needed because no one can see them, no worrying about tights or leggings, wonderful leg freedom and a lot less chance of exposing yourself because of a large gust of wind. Brilliant!
Of course, they have to have a downfall somewhere, and this particular dresses downfall is the giant slits down the side. Now, I have no problem with a cheeky slit, but when the wind is blowing towards you and you're wearing this dress, you usually end up with a thin piece of fabric stuck to your legs at the front, and the rest billowing wildly behind you. This would probably look quite dramatic or glamourous on the catwalk or strolling along an exotic beach, but not quite as much anywhere else.
Having learned my lesson from this dress, I think I'll be sticking to maxi dresses without multiple giant slits in. However, I still love the pretty rose pattern on this one. It's bright enough and full enough in pattern to be red but not so much red that it clashes with my hair. Huzzah!
Dress and bows from H&M, jacket from Topshop, boots from Dr Martens (Schuh).

Thanks for reading!
Amber, xox.