Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Outfit: Rainy Days

Remember my recent outfit posts where it was warm and sunny and not everything was damp? Well, that didn't last long. I'm pretty sure summer ended before August even began. 
So, today's outfit is about being nice and cosy, and at least trying to stay dry. Of course staying dry is kind of impossible unless you're willing to wear hiking style waterproofs everyday, of which I am not. Fortunately, this raincoat just about does the job for small  showers and isn't too hideous or rustley - why must all raincoats rustle? However, the best part is, it folds into a tiny raincoat pocket. Yep, it's stylish and it's practical. 

While the rain has the upside that I get to wear my raincoat, it definitely also has it's downsides. Other than not being able to leave the house without waterproofing ones self thoroughly, another disadvantage to constant drizzle is constant frizz. Give me 5 minutes outdoors with my hair exposed and I've basically gained an afro. Someone help. 

But of course, going out in rain is more complicated than just what coat you take or how frizzy your hair gets. What if you wear skinny jeans, get wet and get stuck in them forever? What if your shoes have those evil little holes of doom where the water gets in? What if you forget to wear waterproof mascara and end up looking like a giant panda? These are risks I'm just not willing to take anymore. I'm definitely considering hibernation.

I think what I've mainly learnt from this post is that I'll probably be staying inside until winter is over. It's for the best. I'm not ready for the cold and wet, and humanity isn't ready for my afro yet.

Rain definitely isn't my preferred kind of weather. Tell me, what's yours?

Coat and headband are from Primark, jumper is from Topshop, skirt is from H&M and boots are from Doc Martens (schuh). I have no idea where the leggings are from.

Thanks for reading! 
Amber, xox