Sunday, 1 November 2015

What's in my sketchbook? 3/?

This week I was given the gift of time off; time to breathe, time to destress and time to sleep, thanks to the beauty that is reading week. And how did I use that gift, I hear you ask? By volunteering at a festival, getting up earlier than usual and doing more work. Of course.

So while I've been panicking about work even more than usual, I thought I'd throw together another little insight into my sketchbook - these are some more developments of me exploring my childhood and how I've grown as a person. 
I wish I was more into painting, as I just love the details of these pictures, particularly with the collage underneath. To me, the textures and colours are something so complex - overwork them and you lose an important quality to the work.
I also love the colour and simplicity of these pages, especially the layering of the pen work. These pages show paintings of my current self, layered with drawings of me as a baby. I think it may be interesting to develop these using actual photos or screenprints, exploring how I've aged in a much more literal way.
My sketchbook has changed a fair bit since I took these photographs, so I'm looking forward to updating you and sharing the new areas I've been looking into, as well as a little insight into the festival I volunteered at.

Tell me, what have you been working on in your sketchbook recently?

Thanks for reading! 
Amber, xox